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Merchant integration - Merchant Center suspension

Learn how to resolve a Google Merchant Center account suspension

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Your Google Merchant Center may become inactive due to an account suspension.

Let's learn how to identify the issue and what we can do to resolve it.


If your account is still active but you have rejected products, check out our guide.

Identifying the issue

You can identify this issue by navigating to your Merchant Center dashboard:

After clicking Go to account issues, you can review the reason for suspension.

In addition, you can contact the Google Merchant Center support team in order to understand which policy violation lead to the suspension.

You can learn how to do that here.

Common reasons for suspension

Click here for Google's shopping ads policies.

Here are some common Merchant suspension reasons:

🟢 Prohibited Content

Advertising certain products is prohibited on Google as an attempt to create a safe browsing environment.

For example:

Dangerous Products

Counterfeit Goods

Products that Enable Dishonest Behavior

Inappropriate Content

Unsupported Shopping Ads Content

🟢 Prohibited Practices

Practices that are prohibited as an attempt to keep Google's users safe.

For example:

Abuse of the Ad Network

Irresponsible data collection and use


💡 A common suspension based on our experience is due to missing information.

Ensure you have the following on your website:

  1. Shipping and returns section.

  2. Contact section - containing at least two of the following:

    Email address, phone number, street address.

🟢 Restricted Content

Products that are not prohibited but may have limitations based on the country of sales.

For example:

Adult-oriented content

Alcoholic beverages

Copyrighted content

Gambling-related content

Healthcare-related content

Political content


High Fat Sugar Salt Food and Beverage

🟢 Editorial and technical requirements

Website issues that may mislead or damage your customers' experience.

For example:

Mismatched product display URLs

Gimmicky use of words, numbers, letters, punctuation, or symbols

Resolving the suspension

First, resolve the cause of suspension, based on the information from Google's resources and support team.

For example, add the required fields if your account was suspended due to missing contact information.

Next, send an appeal to have the account reviewed.

This can be done by contacting Google Merchant support or navigating to Account Issues and requesting an account review.

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