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Facebook integration - Two-factor authentication is disabled
Facebook integration - Two-factor authentication is disabled

Learn how to resolve the "two-factor authentication is disabled" integration issue

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Facebook requires all advertisers to set up a two-factor authenticator as a part of their security policies.

If you do not have a two-factor authenticator set up, you may be unable to advertise using Facebook.

You can identify this issue by either:

  1. Clicking Fix in the red alert banner.

  2. By navigating to Settings, then Facebook integration, or by clicking here.

Resolving the issue:

  1. Navigate to your Business manager, then using the left-hand menu, click Security Center.

    Navigate directly there by clicking here.

  2. Locate the Two-Factor Authentication section, and click Edit.

  3. Choose the security method that is suitable for you, and follow the steps shown.

Once you have completed these steps, navigate to your Facebook integration screen and click "Recheck Status".

The Two-factor authentication is disabled issue and should no longer appear.

If it is still there after following these steps, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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