Uploading contact lists

Learn how to upload contact lists to AdScale.

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Audiences used in advertising, email, and SMS marketing are mostly built from your contacts. These contacts are pulled automatically from your online store.

You may have more contacts that can be used in these audiences, either from previous store domains or lead generation.

These contacts can be uploaded to enhance your audiences and improve your performance.


Types of contact lists

All lists must include these mandatory fields:

  1. Email address (for email & ads) OR phone number (for SMS).

  2. Accepted/did not accept marketing.

Let's review the type of lists you can upload:

  1. Contacts: contains all of your contacts.

    In this list, we recommend adding an accepted marketing column if you are planning on using this list for SMS & email marketing.

    Note: sending email & SMS messages requires the recipient's consent. Marketing to recipients who did not consent may result in fines.

  2. Opt-in list: contains contacts that have accepted marketing.

    These should be used in email and SMS campaigns.

  3. Opt-out list: contains contacts that have not accepted marketing.

    These can be used to prevent marketing to recipients who have opted out by excluding these lists from your audiences.

Uploading contact lists

Begin by navigating to your Segments dashboard.

Next, navigate to All contacts using the left-hand menu.

Click Upload and choose the list you wish to upload.

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