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Using the magic AI copy tool
Using the magic AI copy tool

Learn how to use magical AI copy in your advertising campaigns

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Writing ad copy is a challenging task.

Understanding your product or service isn't always enough - you must know how to approach your audience in an eye-catching yet persuading way.

This is why we created our magical AI copy tool, designed to help you write like a professional copywriter in no time at all.

Writing copy using AI

You can use this tool to edit and improve an existing ad or to create a brand-new one.

To create a new ad using the AI copy tool, click the green Add button to create a new one.

Once you arrive at the content section, the AI copy tool will be the default option.

Make sure the title and description portray your product and service correctly.

Choose your desired language and tone, and click Create AI copy.

To see more copy options and change the selected tone, click Get AI copy ideas.

If you feel the available options aren't suitable for your ads, click Brief to edit the details the AI uses to create your copy.

The AI copy tool can also be used to edit existing ads.

To edit your current copy, hover over an existing ad and click edit.

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