Google integration issues

Learn how to identify and resolve Google integration issues

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Your Google ads may not be active for various reasons, most of which result from an integration issue with Google.

This guide will explain how to identify and resolve Google integration issues.


Google Ads/Merchant Center suspension

Your Google Ads and Merchant Center accounts might become suspended for a variety of reasons, all of which can be resolved by doing the following:

  1. Identify the reason for suspension.

    This can be done by reading Google's advertising policies or contacting their support teams:

  2. Resolve the issue.

    Based on instructions given by the support team or Google's resources.

    For example, adding a new form of payment.

  3. Send an appeal.

    After the issue has been resolved, request an appeal from Google by either:

    Clicking 'Contact us' on the red banner.

    Or by contacting Google's support team.

Google Merchant - Unclaimed website URL

To advertise your business using Google Merchant Center, your domain must be:

  1. Verified - Verify that you have ownership over your website.
    This can be done by adding an HTML tag or uploading an HTML link to your website.

    To verify your website, click Verify & Claim website on the red banner.

  2. Claimed - Associating your domain with the Google Merchant Center.

    This step can be completed by the user who verified the website after it has been verified.

Google Merchant - Phone and address verification

A phone number and store address verification will be required if you are using a new Google Merchant Center.

Note: This is also the case when using a Google Merchant Center created by AdScale.

Verify your credentials by clicking Verify phone number on the red banner.

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