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If you've recently created a Performance Max with a new Google Merchant account, you will likely have to verify your store address and phone number.

This is the case with every new Merchant center account.

Your ads will be paused until you complete the verification process.

Identifying the issue

The issue can be identified by seeing an alert in your Merchant center dashboard.

🟢 If you are using your own Merchant Center account, click here to access it.

🟢 If you are using a Merchant Center created by AdScale, and a verification process is required, you should have received an email granting you access to the account.

If you have not received access, please contact our support at [email protected].

Resolving the issue

To resolve the issue, verify your phone number and street address.

This can be done by clicking "verify phone number" in the alert in your Merchant center dashboard.

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