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Viewing inactive or deleted ads
Viewing inactive or deleted ads

Learn how to view the performance of deleted or inactive ads

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The default view of your advertising dashboard only displays active ads.

This means that statistics of inactive or deleted ads will not be displayed.

Viewing these statistics is important to understand what worked or didn't work in the past, to help improve your current ads' performance.

Furthermore, ads can produce conversions after they were turned off. This is due to the 7-day attribution window.

In this guide, we will learn how to change the dashboard view in order to see statistics of inactive or deleted ads.

How to view inactive or deleted ads

In your ads dashboard, click on the three dots next to your brand name.

Choose the view you wish to use.

🟢 All - Will display all active and inactive ads.

🟢 All (Inc. deleted) - Will display all active, inactive, and deleted ads.

🟢 Active - Will display all active ads.

🟢 Inactive - Will display all inactive ads.

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