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Learn how to edit and bulk edit your Ads using AdScale

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Editing ads is an important step in ongoing campaign maintenance. Whether to refresh ad copy, use different creative, or change the product selection.

In this guide, we will learn how to edit and bulk edit ads.


Editing a single ad

Editing ads this way will only apply changes to the ad you are currently editing and will only change one ad at a time.

If you wish to edit multiple ads simultaneously, see the bulk edit option below.

To edit an ad, click on the edit button marked with a pencil ✏️ in one of two places:

Main ads table

Ads menu on the left side

Bulk editing ads

Editing ads using bulk editing will apply changes to all selected ads.

Begin by choosing the ads you wish to edit by selecting the checkboxes ☑️ on the left side of each ad.

Next, click Edit, and choose one of the fields to edit.

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