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Ads campaigns not receiving traffic
Ads campaigns not receiving traffic

Learn how to identify issues that may be causing a lack of traffic and how to fix them.

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So you created an Ads campaign and waited a few days, but you haven't received any traffic yet?

If so, this guide will help you identify what issues may be causing this and what you can do to fix them.


Invalid payment methods

Your ads will not be active if one or more payment methods for AdScale, Google, or Facebook are invalid. Therefore, you will not receive any traffic.

You can identify this issue if a red alert banner appears in your Ads dashboard.

How to resolve:

In your account's billing section, switch to a valid payment method.

Note: Sometimes, several payment attempts may fail, even though your card is valid.

In these cases, you can attempt to charge your card directly through Facebook's and Google's billing sections.

Google & Facebook suspensions

Your ads will not be active and won't receive any traffic if your Google or Facebook ad accounts are suspended.

You can identify this issue if a red alert banner appears in your Ads dashboard.

Note: Regarding Google, you will only see a red alert banner if the suspended account was created by AdScale.

If the connected Google Ads or Google Merchant weren't created by AdScale, you would only be able to check if the account is suspended by navigating to your Google Ads or Google Merchant accounts.

How to resolve:

To resolve an account suspension, you will have to send an appeal to either Google or Facebook, asking to release the account.

For your convenience, there are complete guides on contacting Google Ads, Google Merchant, and Facebook support.

Facebook - audiences don't contain enough people

If the audiences you are using are too small to target through Facebook, this may cause reduced and even no traffic.

This mostly occurs with remarketing audiences, which are narrower than new traffic audiences. However, this can also happen if your lookalike source does not contain enough people.

How to resolve:

  1. Use more new traffic audiences - These audiences are broad and don't usually depend on pixel or store data to run. If you don't have a lot of data, using audiences like Broad audience and Dynamic lookalike is a great way to get more traffic.

  2. Create broader customer segments - If you are using customer segments to retarget your customers, it's possible the segment you created doesn't contain enough people to target through Facebook.

    It's recommended to have at least 200-300 people in your customer segments for retargeting purposes.

    If your segment does not contain enough people, try to make it broader by changing the targeting options.

  3. Add a "Shared pixel" - If you have just created your Facebook ads and are using a new pixel, it's possible that the pixel doesn't have enough data to target remarketing audiences.

    If this is the case, and you have a pixel that has more data, the data can be "shared" between the two, solving this issue.

    To do this, please get in touch with our support team, at [email protected].

Google search - keywords not optimized.

If there aren't any setup issues with your Google Ads account, it's possible that the keywords you selected aren't appropriately optimized to spend.

This can happen in one of two instances:

  1. The keywords you selected are too specific - Keywords that are too specific may not be searched for frequently enough to spend any budget.

    For example, 'Red men's sneakers size 40 under 100$.'

  2. The keywords you selected are too broad - keywords that are too broad are being searched for frequently but are very competitive and usually require high bids to target.

    For example, 'Shoes.'

How to resolve:

Try using keywords that aren't too broad but not too specific.

You can discover new keywords using Google's keyword planner, and check if they are good to use in your search ads.

Enter keywords that relate to your business, and Google will offer similar keywords that are frequently searched for and have low bids.

You can also enter your domain URL to discover additional keywords.

To add keywords to your search ad, click Edit on the relevant Search ad and navigate to the Keywords section.

Google Performance Max - not enough selected products

If there aren't any setup issues with your Google Merchant account, it's possible that there aren't enough selected products in your Performance Max campaign.

Google automatically creates search terms to target based on the selected products.

If there aren't enough products, Google may be unable to create enough search terms to spend any budget.

To add products, click Edit on the relevant Performance Max ad, and navigate to the Products section.

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