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When should you create new Ads campaigns?
When should you create new Ads campaigns?

Learn when you should be creating new ad campaigns (Facebook/Google)

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Proper management of your campaign structure can make a huge difference in your advertising.

A good campaign setup won't only help you edit and analyze your campaigns more quickly, but it may also increase their returns.

Overall, we recommend having one primary campaign for all your ads.

AdScale's unique AI optimization automatically distributes your advertising budget across multiple ads and channels based on performance. It makes real-time changes to both bids and budgets to ensure better results.

However, the optimization is only done within the same campaign, not between multiple campaigns.

With that being said, there are cases in which creating multiple campaigns is the way to go. Multiple campaigns can be created by creating a new campaign from scratch or duplicating and editing an existing one.

Let's discuss some of these cases.

Targeting different demographics

Some demographic targeting options are defined at the campaign level.

This includes age, location, and language.

For example, if you wish to create multiple ads targeting different ages, this can only be done by creating them in separate campaigns.

Targeting different interests

Interest groups are also defined at the campaign level.

If you wish to create multiple ads targeting different interest groups, this can only be done by creating them in separate campaigns.

Having control over budget distribution

In some instances, it's preferred to have more control over the budget distribution. This can be done by separating your ads into several campaigns.

For example, New traffic Facebook audiences will usually be more expensive and have a lower return. Because of this, they may receive less budget than Remarketing audiences, which tend to have a better return.

Because of this, the budget may be allocated to Remarketing audiences instead of New traffic audiences. This can significantly reduce your website's traffic.

A solution for this would be to create two campaigns with separate budgets - one for New traffic audiences and one for Remarketing audiences.

This will give you complete control over the budget distribution between the two.

This strategy can be used for multiple situations, like separating Google and Facebook ads to have more control over the distribution.

Limited-time sale campaigns

Big periodic sales (For example. Black Friday sale) are a fantastic opportunity to introduce your product to new customers.

This makes limited-time sale campaigns a great tool to bring a lot of traffic to your website.

These ads may require a separate budget, as they tend to bring in a lot of sales.

Because of this, it's recommended to create them in a separate campaign.

This will ensure that the newly created ads won't have to "fight" over the budget and can run optimally.

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