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Facebook integration - Events configuration
Facebook integration - Events configuration

Learn how to configure your Facebook events

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The events configuration issue needs to be solved as soon as possible, as it will prevent you from running ads on Facebook.

You can identify this issue by either:

  1. Clicking Fix in the red error banner.

  2. By navigating to Settings, then Facebook integration, or clicking here.

Resolving the issue

  1. Using the button marked with three parallel lines in the top left corner, navigate to Events Manager.

  2. Click manage prioritized events on any of the pixels on the right side.

  3. Select the domain you connected to your Adcale account, and click Manage Events.

  4. Your domain must include the event that your campaign is optimized for.

    You can find the "optimization event" in the campaign settings under budget.

  5. Add the event to your domain by clicking manage events, and add event in the top right corner.

    Ensure the event is linked to the pixel connected to your AdScale account.

After completing these steps, navigate to your Facebook integration screen and click Recheck Status.

The Events configuration issue should no longer appear.

If it is still there after following these steps, please contact our support at [email protected].

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