Campaigns and ads

The Adscale system, like other advertising platforms, uses an ad hierarchy to manage ads in the best and most efficient way.

Some of the terms you will see here may sound similar to terms used in Google and Facebook, though they may not necessarily mean the same thing.

Starting at the top going down listing the types of setting in each of the levels:

  • Campaign -The highest level and the top of the hierarchy. Here you can control the following settings:

    1. Budget (Click here for more details).

    2. Location - The geographic location you are targeting.

    3. Schedule - Determine when you will run the ads (Days and hours).

    4. Age - Determine the age range the ads are targeting.

    5. Browser languages.

    6. Devices - Which devices will display the ads in the campaign.

    7. Interests (Won’t appear in the campaign settings since they only appear in the “interests” type ads, however the interests are defined per campaign).

We recommend going into each setting and updating when necessary.

Different campaigns can be set up when you want to achieve budget control. For example, if you’d like to set a separate budget for a Black Friday promotion and not share the same budget with the rest of the existing ads. Another example would be if you’d like a different budget for Facebook and Google, or new and repeating customers.

  • Master Ad - The mid level in the hierarchy. The icon next to the ad on the left hand side depends on the type of ad (Product ad, homepage ad, custom page, click here for more details). This level serves as the topic or theme that characterizes the ad, and it combines under it a number of ads with the same copy and creative which appeal to different audiences or channels. Master ads are limited to only one ad per channel/audience.
    For example: a master ad named “Black Friday” which includes a message about a black friday promotion for discounted products, and under it there are 3 carousel product ads: a Facebook ad for a new audience, a Facebook ad for returning audience, and a Google shopping ad. All three ads have the same copy and creative conveying the same message, only to different audiences.

  • Ad - The lowest level in the hierarchy, located under the master ad. Each ad addresses a different audience or channel. Types of ads:

    • Facebook: New audience (new traffic) ads, returning audience (remarketing).

    • Google: Search ads, shopping ads.

  • On this level you can control the media (images/videos), text, products, platform (Facebook, Instagram) and the target gender of the intended audience.

When you are making a change in these ads, it is best to change all the ads for the relevant audience, while making sure all the ads that the audience is seeing have a uniform tone, approach and message.

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