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First things first, let's identify the ad types and understand the differences between them:

Homepage Ads - Clicking on this type of ad takes the potential customer to your store’s homepage.

We will use this ad to attract customers to the store and expose them to the content and products in the store. These ads are mostly used for new traffic since an audience that already visited or made a purchase in the website has been exposed to it, and we do not need to bring them back to the homepage.
Homepage ads allow you full controls over Copy & Creative - word the ads as you wish and create a variety of ads based on your Creatives (Single image, Carousel or Video ads).

Product Ads - This type of ad brings the customer to a specific product’s page. It is possible to choose the collection of products that will appear in this ad, but the Adscale platform will choose which products will be displayed and in what order.

We will use an ad like this as a product carousel ad in Facebook as well as a Google shopping ad. With product ads your control over Copy and Creative is limited -
In Google Shopping there is not ability to control the images or copy (all data is taken directly from your products in the store while in Facebook you are allowed to update the upper description Post).

Custom Page Ads - clicking on this type of ad will lead the user to a specific landing page in the website which might not be your Homepage. Can be good for specific category pages as well as special sales. As in Homepage ads - you have full control over Copy & Creative.

Promoted Post Ads - After choosing a promoted post to appear on Facebook, our system will know how to give the post exposure in a smart and calculated way according to store data about the audience selected and the budget set for the campaign.

We recommend using this type of ad when targeting a new traffic audience as a highly interacted with post portrays a trustful company in the eyes of customers who have yet to purchase from your store.

Additionally, we recommend using a promoted post when you have a new collection or new products your existing audience hasn’t seen yet.

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