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New Traffic

New traffic audiences are made of people who have never purchased from your store in the past. Some of them may know the brand, and some may have never heard of it. Usually you can target new traffic audiences to gain exposure for your ads and growing the customer base.

New traffic examples:

  • Prospective audience - These are customers that interacted with products similar to yours in competitor’s stores.

  • Interests - An audience based on interests on Facebook. You can choose up to 15 interests, but we recommend using the “Narrow audience” feature and add behaviors like “engaged shoppers” to hone in on desirable customers.

  • Segmented Interests - Unlike the “Interests” audience, this audience generates a separate ad for each interest, and not for all the interests together. Therefore, if a particular interest’s volume is too low, it might not receive any exposure.

  • Smart Lookalike - A dynamic audience based on different events in the purchase process of the customer recorded by the Facebook pixel embedded in the site (viewing the product, adding to the cart, and purchasing).

  • Broad Audience - A broad audience which uses past advertising data

  • Lookalike in an existing segment - Our system will create a new audience with characteristics that resemble those of the segment you chose. You can create an audience like this on virtually every segment. For example: a Lookalike audience to a segment of customers that have a high AOV or Facebook followers.


Remarketing audience is for targeting people that know the brand or purchased in the past. Advertise to this audience to increase the number of returning customers in the store and to encourage users caught in the pixel to finish their purchase.

Remarketing audience examples:

  • Recent Visitors - Website visitors and those that interacted with the Facebook or Instagram page in the last 14 days and have not made a purchase in this period.

  • Cold Visitors - Website visitors and those that interacted with the Facebook or Instagram page in the last 14 - 90 days and did not make a purchase in the last 90 days.

  • Warm Visitors - Website visitors from the last 60 days that browsed the website for a relatively long time and have not made a purchase during this period.

  • Product Views (Dynamic) - A dynamic audience focusing on specific products that people were interested in but did not purchase. This audience will be shown an ad only for the products they interacted with, and not all the products chosen for the ad. This dynamic audience is only relevant for product ads.

  • Add to Cart - Cart abandoning audience. There are a few variations of this audience, regular and dynamic. The dynamic audience will be shown an ad with only the products in their cart, and this audience is divided into three - those who abandoned the cart in the last 30, 14, or 7 days. The ad for the regular add to cart audience targets all the people that added items to the cart and did not make a purchas in the last 90 days.

Some of the audiences only a-ppear in certain type of ads (for example the dynamic retargeting and the prospective audience are only for product ads), but most of the audiences can be targeted through every type of ad, and you can find them in the “Add Audience” button.

AI based segments

The Adscale system samples the existing customer audience in the website everyday, and divides it into segments based on predetermined parameters. These audiences can be used in all types of ads in remarketing (Targeting existing customers) and in new traffic (Targeting a new audience by creating a lookalike segment). You can find these audiences in the BI. We recommend conducting a thorough analysis of the customer data in order to determine which audience should be targeted for each type of ad.

How do you choose an audience for an ad?

Each type of ad serves a different purpose that can suit different audiences.

When creating a campaign, come up with specific goals and messages that are appropriate for the targeted audiences.

Below is an example of 2 ads that each of them has a different goal, and the audience is chosen according to the targeted audience. The goal presented here are not necessarily true for everyone, they are presented solely for the purpose of this example:

  1. The goal is to bring new traffic and as many ad exposures and site visits as possible. We chose to do this by using a promoted post ad, because through a post that contains a lot of engagement of Facebook surfers it is possible to generate credibility in the eyes of new customers. For this purpose, 2 new traffic types of audiences were selected:

    1. A Lookalike audience for the “All customers” segment (a new traffic audience of people that their characteristics are similar to our customers).

    2. Interests audience based on interests that are related in some way to the products promoted in the ad, these interests were narrowed further to engaged shoppers.

  2. The goal is to encourage completing a purchase for a warm audience with real purchase potential, we do so with an attractive offer of redeeming a coupon for a limited time. For thes purposes we will create product ads and target these audiences:

    1. Warm Visitors

    2. Add to Cart (Dynamic)

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