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  1. The image size is limited to 200 MB

  2. We recommend using the highest resolution possible (at least 500 pixels wide with a 1:1 ratio for the feed posts and 9:16 ratio for the story posts).
    Recommended sizes: 1080x1080 (for the 1:1 ratio) and 1080x1920 (for the 9:16 ratio).

  3. The image is the first one to catch the eye of the potential customers, hence we recommend adding meaningful text to it. This could be regular text or a sticker that describes the product that we are promoting, for example a sale or a competitive price. Keep in mind that the text should not be more than 20% of the image or it will get blocked by Facebook.

  4. The video should be 15-30 seconds long, and the first 6 seconds are the most important for capturing the customers attention.

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