In order to determine the budget for a campaign, first you must decide how many ads you are going to publish and what type of ads those are going to be. The minimal daily budget we recommend is $2 for every audience you’d like to target, $3 per Google search ad, and another $5 if you choose to advertise on Google shopping. The higher the budget the higher the potential impressions and conversions.

If in a certain campaign you have a few identical audience types that appear in different ads, we count that as one audience, so even if the same audience is selected in 2 different ads in a campaign, we will still recommend 2$ budget for that audience and not $4.

In this example, the audiences targeted in “Homepage Ads” are

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also targeted in the “Officer Bax tact” ad,

therefore the calculation is done the following way:

7 different facebook audiences in the “officer Bax tact” times $2 and 2

Different Google search ads times $3.

Therefore, we would recommend investing at least $20 in this campaign:


**Important note: the “same” audience can appear as remarketing

and/or new traffic, however those are two different audiences and

The budget calculation for them should be separate.

Advertising Goal

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The budget can be set per day or per month. The monthly budget is based on the calendar month, meaning that if you set a monthly budget for the last week of October, the entire budget will be spent by the end of October, and not by7 the end of September.

We recommend that you consult with your account manager (CSM/Agency) before you determine your campaign’s advertising goal since it has a direct effect on the app performance.

If you decide to change the advertising goal to “Manual”, there are two options to choose from:

Maximize orders - Will determine the maximum CPA, or in other words, how much money you are willing to invest for a single purchase in the store.

Maximize revenue - will determine the minimum ROAS (return on ad spend), or in other words, what is the minimal percent of revenue that you are willing to receive for the investment.

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