The Audiences page enables you to target relevant audiences on your Facebook & Instagram ads, whether it's custom audiences, pixel generated, or AI audiences generated from your store's data.

What are AI Audiences and why are they important for advertising?

  1. AI Audiences are groups of customers with a similar profile that AdScale creates in order to accurately target new and repeat customers

  2. When creating ads, AdScale’s AI recommends which audience to target for maximizing return on ad spend.

  3. AdScale's AI Audiences technology is based on valuable data derived from the store orders, products & customers. Google & Facebook don’t have that data.

  4. With AI-Audiences you can run highly targeted advertising that you can't create using the pixels.

Editing Audiences in a Master Ad

  1. Click on 'Edit' for the selected Master Ad

2. Select how you want to target the audiences. You can target each audience for 'New Traffic' (lookalike audience) or 'Remarketing' (target customer list only) by checking the relevant boxes. Keeping the boxes unchecked, will not target the audience at all.

3. If you wish to add more audiences, you can do that by clicking the 'Add audiences' button and adding either more AI audiences or custom audiences you have available in your Business Manager.

Add Audiences when creating a new Campaign/Master Ad

1. Create a new Campaign or Master Ad by clicking the 'New' button

2. Follow the wizard until you reach the 'Audiences' page. For each check you make, you could see the ads that are created on the left sidebar.

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