Making the selection of the right products can improve your advertising performance. The tips listed below can help you to optimize your product selection for better results.

Choose only 'The AI Pick'

Choosing to advertise only 'The AI Pick' collection and removing all other collections can improve your advertising results. 'The AI Pick' is a dynamic collection made by AdScale’s AI and includes the products that are more likely to generate a high return on ad spend (ROAS).

Note: 'The AI Pick' will only be available if there is enough historical data in your store or advertising campaigns to build this collection.

Reduce the number of selected collections (Facebook & Instagram only)

For best performance, Select up to 5 collections in your Facebook & Instagram ads Choosing many collections creates many ads on Facebook & Instagram, and usually, the budget is not high enough to distribute between all ads at a level that it could be effective. You can update the product selection of each ad individually or all ads in bulk.

Updating the product selection in a single ad

1. Find the specific ad you want to edit on the ad on the sidebar then click:

Edit > Products

2. Update your products/collections selection and click 'Save'

Updating the product selection in bulk

1. Check the ads you want to edit in bulk (only Facebook & Instagram ads)

2. Click on Edit > Products

3. Update your products/collections selection and click 'Save'

If you advertise a small number of products (less than 15) and those products are divided by many collections then it will run on many carousel ads, and that might cause your ads to underperform. In that case, we recommend advertising all products with one carousel ad.

You can do that by clicking on 'edit' > Products > Advanced > Create all products in one carousel ad

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