How many ads should you create?

It is recommended to create at least one HomePage Ads and one Products Ads that includes all channels and all audiences, to reach the maximum potential of your advertising campaigns.

Pause underperforming ads

If you see that an ad is spending your budget but doesn't bring results, you can pause it by clicking on the green switch. We recommend waiting for at least a week from the time the ad is created to check it's performance.

How to change the text of an ad?

You can change the text for every specific ad created on AdScale.

1. Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the ad.

2. Under Content, you'll find all the text fields that are relevant to the ad. You can, of course, use the Ready-Made Templates, or type your own text.

Choose your advertised products wisely

You can choose what products are included in your Product Ads when creating the ad or by editing it.

You can select specific products or the entire collection. Please make you don't select more than 5 collections for the same ad (why?).

Create a dynamic remarketing ad for abandoned cart

  1. Go to New > Product Ads

2. Under the 'Channels' section, make sure to include Facebook and/or Instagram.

3. Under 'Targeting' section, check the 'Add to Cart' box.

4. We recommend choosing all of the products you have available in this ad, to improve the ad performance.

5. Complete the ad content section.

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