A new Master Ad is created as part of a new campaign. Or, it can be created and added to an existing campaign.

If you're not familiar with Master Ad and its types, we recommend checking this article first: About Master Ads

Creating a new Master Ad in an existing Campaign

To create a new Master Ad in an existing campaign, click on the 'New' button and select the Master Ad type you would like to create.

Once selected, you can choose to what existing campaign you would like to add this Master Ad.


Here you can set your Master Ad targeted age and gender. If you're not certain about your potential buyer demographics, keep all options selected. AdScale's AI module will set accurate demographics targeting once enough data is collected from your advertising campaigns.

Important notice: If you set the age on a specific Master Ad, it will update to the same age targeting on all other Master Ads in the same campaign.


In this section, you can choose what advertising channels you want to include in the targeting of this Master Ad.

(The available advertising channels differ by Master Ad types).


This section enables you to select and edit the audience targeting of your ads on Facebook & Instagram (It will only appear if one of those channels were selected).

Remarketing - Page Visit

Target visitors who recently visited your website and/or product pages, but haven't made any purchase.

Remarketing - Add to Cart

Target visitors who added product/s to the cart but haven't made any purchase.

Remarketing - Purchases

Target customers who recently purchased from your store. This targeting type is relevant if you want to upsell or resell to your existing customers.

New Traffic - Lookalike & Similar Audience

Target people that are similar to those who purchased or engaged with your store recently.

New Traffic - Custom Audience

Target people based on a custom audience list that you add or existing custom audiences you have available in your Business Manager.

New Traffic - Interests

Target people based on Facebook's detailed targeting interests. Here you can search and include in your targeting the available Facebook interests, behaviors, or demographics.

Media (Homepage Ads & Custom Page Ads only)

This is the section where you select what type of ads you want to create on Facebook & Instagram and add all their media content.

There are 3 available ad types: Carousel, Single (image), and Video

You can choose what ads you want to include by checking them.

You can select up to 10 different images in the carousel ad. For best performance, we recommend each image size to be at least 1000x1000.

You can also choose setting one generic text content for all images (taken from the 'Content' section), or a dedicated title, description, and landing page URL for each image.


Creates a single image ad on Facebook & Instagram. Please make sure to follow Facebook recommendations for image specs.

You can set different images to appear on different placements of the ad. For example, you can add 2 images to the ad, the first with a 4:5 ratio and the second with a 9:16 ratio. AdScale will automatically place the images according to the most suitable placements.

4:5 ratio - Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, etc...

9:16 ratio - Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, etc...


Creates a video ad on Facebook & Instagram. Please make sure to follow Facebook recommendations for video specs.

Ad Preview

The Ad Preview enables you to see how your ad will look like on all the different ad placements in all available advertising channels you included in your Master Ad.

Products (Product Pages Ad Only)

The 'Products' section is where you select what products you want to include in your ads. You can either select specific products or entire collections.

The AI pick

'The AI Pick' is a dynamic collection of products made by AdScale. This collection contains all the best performing products and/or products that have the highest chances of generating revenue for your store. The products in this collection are dynamic and change constantly according to their actual performance and results. You can only select ''The AI Pick' as an entire collection.


The Content section is where you write the ad copy for all of the ads included in your Master Ad. You can type your own text or pick a ready-made ad copy template from the Ad Copy Library.

Ad Copy Library

The library contains dozens of ad copies relevant to your store and products, that you can choose according to theme/occasion.

You have the option to add 'Headline 3' and 'Description 2' on the Google Search field to include additional text.

Populating the text fields according to Master Ad Type

For Homepage Ads & Custom page Ads, all the text fields can include your own custom text. For Product Pages Ad, some of the fields are automatically populated with text taken directly from the product content, such as product title.


The Keywords section enables you to add your own keywords and search terms to your Google Search ads (This section will appear only if Google Search was selected).

You can add keywords in bulk separated by a comma. You can also add negative keywords by clicking on the button's drop-down.

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