When should you create a new campaign on AdScale?

1. You have a dedicated budget for a specific campaign that you want to run

separately from your Main Campaign.

2. You want to target a different location with a language that is different from the

language of the Main Campaign.

3. You would like to advertise specific ads to different age groups.

Creating a new campaign

Click on the 'New' and select 'Campaign' in the drop-down.

1. Locations

In this section, you can choose the locations you want to target in your campaign. You can select locations by country, state, or city level.

Including/excluding locations

Clicking on the drop-down near the Locations' search bar will enable you to switch between including/excluding locations.

You can use it to exclude a specific city or state that you don't want to target, in a country that you already included.

Setting a radius for city-level locations

You can expand the radius targeting for up to 50 miles beyond the city you selected.

'Locations' best practices

  • Target locations that have the same language in each campaign. If you would like to target locations with different languages, we recommend targeting them in separate campaigns.

  • We recommend setting a minimum daily budget of $10 per country. For example, if you plan to set a $20 daily budget, then you shouldn't target more then 2 countries.

2. Demographics

In this section, you can select the gender and age range you want to target in your campaign.

'Demographics' best practices

If you're not certain on your potential buyer age range and gender, keep both genders and the entire age range selected. Over time, our AI module will analyze and aim the targeting to the most relevant demographics for your store, according to your advertising performance.

3. Ad types

In this section, you can select the ad types you want to include in this campaign and name each of them.

You can learn in more detail about the different ad types here:

About Master Ad Types

4. Ads targeting and content

In this section, you can set your selected ad types targeting and content. You can find a detailed guide on this section in here:

Creating a new Master Ad

5. Scheduling

Here you can set on what days and hours to run your ads. You can choose a pre-set option such as 'Mon-Fri', or set custom days and hours.

6. Budget

This is the last section of the campaign creation wizard, and where you set your campaign advertising budget and targeting goal.

Budget settings

You can select between setting a daily, monthly, or periodic budget (custom time range).

The budget you set for your campaign will be used for all the selected advertising channels, locations, and specific ads. Therefore, we recommend setting a minimum budget of $10/day per country, so your campaign will have enough budget to distribute between the different channels and locations.

Advertising goal

The advertising enables you to select custom goals for your advertising campaigns.

Automated goal targeting

When 'Advertising goal' is set to 'Automated', our AI module constantly works to optimize your goal to maximize your revenue at the highest ROAS possible.

Manual goal targeting

If you would like to set a custom targeting goal for your campaign, you can do it by switching to 'Manual'. Please note that switching to 'Manual' will only be available when your ad accounts collect enough data that enables manual targeting goals.

To learn more about how to set manual targeting goals, visit here:

How to set manual advertising goals

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