AdScale extracts the performance metrics data directly from the Google and Facebook ad accounts associated with AdScale. There are many reasons why the data displayed on AdScale will not match to the data displayed on your Analytics account, some of them related to how Google & Facebook ad accounts count and some related to AdScale.

Different Values from Analytics to ad accounts

Some values that AdScale extracts from the ad accounts count differently from Google Analytics. For example, on Facebook, a click is counted for every click the user makes. The user can click on the ad more than one time or in different places, but it will count as one user session on Google Analytics.

Google Analytics relies on having java and cookies enabled in the browser

Google Analytics can miss the metrics on visitors if they have changed the settings on their browser to disable those options, or if they use a browser add-ons that prevent from java and cookies from been loaded, like ad blockers.

The Google Analytics script doesn’t loads

For Google Analytics to track metrics of a specific visitor, the script of Analytics must load on every page the user visits. If you didn’t set the script correctly, there was a connectivity error to the visitor internet connection or the visitor has exited the page before the script loaded, it could result in Google analytics losing the metrics data.

Different timezones

If your Google Analytics account timezone is different from the timezone you’ve set on your AdScale account, it will result in different metrics since the gap between hours shows different metrics for different durations.

Google Analytics can count duplicate conversions

AdScale uses advanced AI features that enable it to detect and remove duplicate conversions. Thus, AdScale displays in the metrics the accurate for the number of conversions and match a conversion to the actual order number. In Google Analytics, the conversion count relies only on the script, which in many cases, can cause the count of duplicate conversions. For example, if the visitor refreshed the checkout page, and the Analytics script is loaded again, then it will count two conversions for the same orders.

There are also other reasons for the mismatch between metrics, such as URL redirect, wrong configuration of your Analytics account, filters, and more…

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