So you completed AdScale installation, edited your campaigns, waited for a few days, and didn't received any traffic from AdScale campaigns? 

This might happen due to several reasons, some may be related to your store and some may be related to the actual advertising campaigns.

Below are the best practices that can help bringing your first traffic with your advertising campaigns.

Adding Keywords to your Homepage Ad Template

Sometimes Adscale can't generate enough relevant keywords or search terms that will generate traffic in the Google Search campaigns. That usually happen due to lack or unorganized content on the website that can't be collected and used to generate relevant search terms.

The solution for that is that you'll add your own keywords in the Homepage Template. Those keywords will be added to your Google Search campaigns on AdScale and thus will enable our system to start generating traffic from your selected keywords as well as helping our system to 'aim' better for relevant search terms.

You can add your keywords by going to Campaigns > Main Campaign > Homepage > Keywords

Fulfill Google Shopping guidelines

Google Shopping is by far the best advertising channel for Ecommerce stores and usually brings most of the traffic. That been said, It takes Google 3-5 business days to approve every Shopping campaign. The reason is that Google is reviewing your store to make sure it meets the basic guidelines of content that is required in every Ecommerce store. For example, Google requires each store to have a return policy page in order to approve your Google Shopping campaign.

Therefore, making sure your store meets all of Google's guidelines is crucial to the success of your advertising campaigns. 

The link below contains the list of Google Shopping Requirements to approve Google Shopping campaigns. Please make sure your store meets all guidelines and in case not, fix them on your store.

Google Shopping Requirements

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