Error received: "You've reached your ad account maximum. You can increase your limit by making a payment on your business account. See your ad account limit in Business Manager (go to Business Settings, then Business Info)."

To run Facebook campaigns for your store, AdScale creates a dedicated Facebook ad account. In some cases, this is under your existing Business Manager on Facebook. 

This might cause your Business Manager to reach its ad account limit, stopping you from creating new advertisements.

There are usually a few issues that cause this error:

Issue #1: You are limited to 1 account

Check if there is an unused account. If so, you can simply remove it to solve this error.

Issue #2:  You need a payment method on your existing ad account

Check if you have entered a valid form of payment. If not, simply add a valid form of payment to your existing ad account to solve this issue.

Issue #3: You need to pay for your existing ad account

Check if you have an existing ad account that might require a payment. Sometimes an initial payment (as little as $1) may be required before you can increase the ad account limit.

How do you check if you have reached your ad account limit? 

In your Business Manager, go to Business Settings > Business Info > Ad account creation limit.

Once you solve this issue, please report back to us so we can retry creating your Facebook campaigns.

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