Error received:
"One or more of the ad accounts in your Business Manager are currently in bad standing or in review. All of your accounts must be in good standing in order to create new ad accounts"  

To run Facebook campaigns for your Store, AdScale creates a dedicated Facebook ad account. In some cases, it's done under your existing Business Manager on Facebook. 

Facebook doesn't permit the creation of a new ad account on an existing Business Manager if one of the existing ad accounts has issues. 

There are usually 2 issues that cause this error:

Issue #1: owed balance on another ad account

The most common issue is that you have an unpaid balance on one or more of your other ad accounts. 

The Fix:  
Paying owed balances will bring your ad accounts to good standing and will allow AdScale to create Facebook campaigns for your store.

Issue #2: Account was disabled due to policy violations or unusual activity 

This usually happens when the ad account is violating a Facebook policy or has had suspicious activity causing Facebook to stop its activity.

The Fix: 

  1. If possible, delete the ad account or remove your permissions from this account.
  2. If removing the ad account is not possible, contact Facebook and to verify and solve with them this issue.

Once all ad accounts issues are fixed, click below and send us a request to create your Facebook campaigns.

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