Set Up Your Budget:

1. Click on the Bid & Budget Tab.

2. Set your Budget for the Period in the currency of the account.

Select the Budget Period:

Open “Period” List.

2. Choose either Monthly or Periodic. The algorithm will divide the budget among your campaigns and utilize it in the chosen period.

*Choosing the "Monthly" option means your budget will be allocated throughout the calendar month. When using “Monthly” budget the algorithm will renew the same budget automatically for the following month. When choosing the "Periodic" option your budget will be allocated for the specific period you chose. At the end of that period, the system will NOT allocate any additional budgets for the campaigns.

Define Your Optimization Goals:

1. Open “Optimization Parameter” List.

2. Select the attribute to maximize within the budget – either clicks, conversions or conversion value, all from Google Ads or Transaction or Revenue from Google Analytics (requires granting AdScale access to Google Analytics as well).

Select Your Optimization Strategy:

1. Open “Optimization Method” List.
2. Select your preferred strategy to optimize the account.

  • Full Budget Utilization: The goal is to fully utilize budget while trying to bring in as many actions (conversions, clicks etc.) as possible.

  • Optimal Budget Utilization: Utilizing the budget is not the primary goal but, rather, it will work toward getting the best CPA or ROAS. The algorithm will not utilize the entire budget if, by doing so, the CPA will be harmed dramatically (by allocating budget to campaigns that are not performing well or by raising bids to keywords that are not worthy of this). 

  • CPA target: Can be applied on either account, campaign group or campaign level. The algorithm will take actions regarding budget and bids according to the target. Over time the CPA will meet targets.

Switch on the Bid & Budget Modules:

1. Swipe from “Off” to “On” the Budget Management Module on the top left.

2. Swipe from “Off” to “On” the Budget Optimization Module on the top left.

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