AdScale uses AI & Machine Learning technology in order to generate smart advertising campaigns that are targeted at the right people, with the right products, at the right time. Here's how it works:

Data Collection

First, our system analyzes your store data, such as order history, product information, customers etc...


Then, using our database of 40,000 users, our system analyzes your store data and combines it with similar stores and product types. This enables our system to create a tailored made advertising mix for your campaigns.

Campaign Creation

Using the analysis results, targeted advertising campaigns are created for your store. The best mix of products & collections are chosen, targeting specific and relevant audiences while also allocating budgets to the most suitable advertising channels. All of this to generate the largest number of sales within your current advertising budget.


After campaigns are live and running, the system constantly reviews & optimizes their performance. It learns to work specifically for your store, and accordingly takes actions to change bids and budgets, add or remove ads, adjust audience targeting and product mix, and much more…


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