Conversion Type:
The conversions selection represents total conversions across all actions that you have chosen to include in the optimization. This could be website purchases, app downloads, phone calls, etc.

Conversions/ All Conversions:
All conversions lists the Conversions column with any conversion actions that you’ve chosen not to include in the Conversions column.

Click Assisted Conversions:
Assist Clicks can be defined as the total number of clicks a keyword received prior to a conversion, excluding the last click.

Phone Calls:
Phone Calls represent the number of valid calls received because of users clicking on a phone number or manually dialing the Google forwarding phone number displayed in an ad shown on any device.

Mobile Clicks to Call:
This is the number of clicks on your phone number when your ad is shown on a mobile device. This includes clicks on either a phone number in your ad text (in the US and UK) or on a call extension.

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