100% Automation

From campaign creation to 24/7 optimization and live product synchronization, AdScale does the job for you!

Real-Time Bid & Budget Management 

Analyzing data in real-time and adjusts bids to take advantage of inter-day opportunities.

Automated Creation of New Keywords

Automatically adds new keywords to your campaigns to improve performance and expand reach.

Automated Creation of Negative Keywords 

Poorly performing positive keywords are paused and added as negatives as well.

Automated sync of your shop and products

AdScale will automatically update campaigns according to product changes in availability, price, addition/removal.

Automated Pixels Installation

Automated installation and setup of conversion tracking and remarketing pixels in your shop.

Click Fraud Prevention

Protection from fraudulent clicks and envious competitors who wish to outclick your budget.

Performance Dashboards 

Monitor the performance of your campaigns at any time with an intuitive and clear dashboard.

Full control of your advertising budget 

You decide how much you want to spend every month for your marketing campaigns.

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