In order to advertise on Google Shopping, there are few requirements that your store needs to meet so your campaigns can be approved by Google. 

This article will help you prepare your website and make sure you meet all of the guidelines and avoid delays in the activation of your Google Shopping campaigns.

Full contact information

Google requires the website to display sufficient contact information that includes:

  1. Contact Email

  2. Contact Phone Number

  3. Business Address

Make sure to include at least 2 of the 3 contact information items mentioned above, either in your Contact Us page, your About Us page, or Home Page.

Return and Shipping Policy

Your website must provide a clear return policy to your buyers, in order to be approved in Google Shopping. 

Make sure your website includes a page that includes the following:

  • Shipping delivery times and delivery method

  • Return & refund terms: days to return, return address, etc...

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