AdScale is using AI & Machine Learning technology in order to generate for your store smart advertising campaigns that are targeted to the right people, with the right products, at the right time. It's all 100% automated, and it's called Crowd-sourced Advertising.

How Crowd-sourced Advertising Actually Works?

Data Collection

First, our system analyzes data from your store , like order history, product information, customers etc...

Crowd-Source Matching

Then, our system analyze your store data and combine it with similar stores and product types, from our 40,000 available users database. The analysis enable our system to create a tailored made advertising mix to your store, that is based on the best performance metrics from stores that are selling similar products to yours.

Campaigns Creation

Using the analysis results, our system create targeted advertising campaigns for your store. It chooses the best mix of products & collections, targeting to specific and relevant audience, and allocate budget to the most suitable advertising channels. All is done to eventually to generate the largest number of sales in your current advertising budget.


After the campaigns are live and running, the system constantly review & optimize the performance of the campaigns. It learns what works better specifically for your store, and according to that make actions like: bid changes, budget changes, addition and removal of ads, adjusting the audience targeting, adjusting the product mix and more...



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