Setting up account goals:

 Open the goals settings window by click on the ‘Add Goal’ (the blue button on the top right side). 

A) In the pop-up window click on the ‘Add A New Goal’ button (on the top right side of the pop-up window).

B) Start setting up your goal by:

  1. Adding the name of the goal
  2. Set the percent of period budget you want to invest in optimizing towards this goal. 
  3. Choose goal type – either performance or traffic or awareness.
  4. Choose the relevant KPI - impressions for awareness; clicks for traffic and conversions/value for performance. 
  5. Then choose the optimization strategy you want to use - optimal/full/CPA target budget utilization.

After you finish defining your goals, it’s time to divide your campaigns between those. 

Assigning campaigns to the relevant goal (campaign groups): 

 From the goals bar choose the goal you want to add campaigns to.

  1. Click on the ‘Import campaigns into the current goal’ button.
  2. Check the campaigns you want to import. 
  3. Select either ‘Move to Group’ in order to move the checked campaigns into existing group/create a new group or select ‘Create a Group per Campaign’ in order to create new groups for the checked campaigns. 

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